Furnished 4 Life Lottery & Thrift Store

Store Hours: MWF 10am-5pm, Sat. 10am-3pm
Lottery Hours: Online M-F 9am-5pm
(585) 348-8596

Furnished 4 Life (F4L) was created to provide gently used items to make tight budgets stretch further and their living spaces feel more like home! F4L assists caseworkers and church staff in meeting the needs of their clients and congregational members by making them aware of furniture and appliances for donation in the Rochester community. We are working in collaboration with The Wedge Market of The Pillar Church. Donors will now have the option of whether they would like their donations to be given to caseworkers “FREE of CHARGE” for their clients through the lottery or to be SOLD in the Furnished 4 Life Thrift Store. The proceeds from the sale of the items will go toward community development projects in city. Our long term goal for the store is to train individuals to reupholster and refinish furniture, thus providing marketable skills and jobs, increasing our inventory, and reducing discarded items in our landfills!  A WIN for all!

Project URGE, Inc. works in collaboration with The Pillar Church and its Wedge Market to encourage community development and training and to give greater access to those in need.
— G. Manuel

We work with caseworkers from social service agencies and church outreach programs in the city of Rochester on behalf of their clients. Furniture, appliances, and house wares can be obtained through our “Furnished 4 Life Lottery”. Our lottery works like this: When a donor calls or emails to donate items, a group email is sent out to all caseworkers and pastors on our distribution list. Once the email is received, IF you have a client in need of the items being offered, IF you have transportation to pick up and deliver the items to your client, and IF you can be the FIRST person to respond back to the email saying you meet those two criteria, you WIN those items for your client! The winning caseworker or pastor will be notified and must contact the donor within 24 hours to set up a pick up time of the items. There is NEVER any charge for the items distributed through the lottery! All items are picked up “as is” and at the discretion of the person picking up the items. For the safety and privacy of both donor and client, NO CLIENTS are permitted to pick up their own donations!

If you are a caseworker or pastor, email or call us today to be added to our Lottery Distribution List or if you would like to donate, please call: (585) 348-8596 OR Email: Furnished4Life@gmail.com

Please consider donating the following items:

  • Gently used furniture
  • Appliances
  • Baby furniture
  • Monetary donations: Checks made payable to “Project URGE, Inc” with “F4L” on memo line
    *Donations may be tax deductible. Consult your tax advisor.                

ALL items MUST be clean, in good working order, & free from bedbugs, mold, tears, stains, frayed cords, & structural damage

Items we are NOT able to accept:

  • Toys (except for NEW between Oct.28th- December 4th for our Christmas Store)
  • Books & Magazines
  • CDs, DVD’s, Tapes
  • Decorative items (Vases, sculptures, pictures, etc.)
  • Entertainment Centers
  • Broken furniture & appliances

Learn about our Christmas Store and how you can help!