Networking/Collaborative/Training Meetings

These quarterly meetings serve to introduce ministries, community based organizations and churches to one another in an effort to see where collaborative efforts may be possible. Often one church will not know what another church is doing in regard to ministry. They often do not know of the many community-based organizations that seek support or volunteers. Scarcely has there been a meeting when an acquaintance or relationship didn’t manifest to serve in a greater capacity of building up the community. Typically an organization will give a presentation to the group, which will be followed by news items, discussions or trainings on topics of poverty or racism and then time for networking. We often serve light faire or refreshments and typically have handouts on the trainings, and have even given away books to allow attendees to delve more deeply into community development.

The meetings are held on Friday evenings, Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons. The reason is so we can allow people to attend who are working M-Fri., and are not able to take an hour or two out of their schedule to become involved.

These meetings serve to build relationships, so the person or organization whose intention is to come just once to share information is not an effective strategy. People identify with seeing names and faces over a period of time.

This is how effective partnerships are built.