Saturday Sonshine Program


Project URGE, Inc. collaboration with Parsells Ave. Community Church and other affiliated ministries offer the Saturday Sonshine Program, which is a group of adult volunteers offering urban youth educational opportunities on a variety levels, which include field trips to parks, farms, festivals and other destinations nearly every Saturday morning during the school year.

Please contact: Doreen Young at or Garry Manuel at 223.8340 or to become involved.

1) Educational:

exercise for the mind, heart and body.

2) Edifying:

Christ centered, living out loving thy neighbor as thyself, with caring, God-fearing adults, engaged in being ambassadors for Christ.

3) Entertaining:

Field trips, games and artistic adventures for the children.

Ages 6 to 16 (9-12 the majority of those involved)

CONTACT: Garry Manuel at 223.8340 or
PARENTS/GUARDIANS: must sign permission slip for children to attend

If we have unsuitable weather conditions for planned outdoor events, we have an indoor "back-up plan." This may shorten the length of some programs for the day